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Write With Me Mentorship For Aspiring Authors

Be an Author, Get Published!

  • Are You An Aspiring Author Who Needs help Finishing Your Book and Publishing?
  • Are you writing a book, but feeling overwhelmed with all the details?
  • Do you need help to finish your book and getting it published?

You’re in the right place! Our mission is to support willing authors by providing everything they need to publish their books, step-by-step guidance on the entire publishing process (from writing to publishing) 

Write For Me Mentorship Provides You With:

-I help you get the first draft done
-You experience less writer's block
-You learn accountability and motivation to keep you on track
-Take part in writing support groups
Free access to my writing classes and courses

This program is for you if you.
  • -Your manuscript is complete, or at least started
  • You will put in the time and work for your success as an author  
  • You understand books are a business and you are ready to invest in yourself and your books

This program is not for you if you...
  • - Need help with publishing
  • - Need help writing your manuscript
  • - Not willing to invest into yourself or your book

The Write With Me is for aspiring authors who want to make their writing dreams a reality. Our team of writing coaches with help you plan your publishing schedule, revise your novel, and prepare for the next stages in your journey to becoming an author. Each week you will work with your assigned coach to strengthen your story. If you are serious about becoming an author, this is the place to start.
Select a membership level below to get started

Silver Mentor

per month
People who choose this membership will receive

1 on 1 support via Slack

30-minute individual coaching sessions

Writing schedule/ goal setting help

Access to worksheets and power points

50% off courses and workshops

Gold Members

per month
1 on 1 support via slack and zoom

45 minutes individual coaching sessions

Access to the private author community

Writing worksheets and workbooks

Manuscript critique and review up to 25,000 words

free classes and workshops

Platnium Members

per month
1 on 1 support via zoom and private community

1 hr individual coaching sessions,

Publishing help/ Full Publishing Plan

Access to the private author community

Writing worksheets and workbooks

Free admittance to classes and workshops