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Caring for Donkeys: Natural & Alternative Health Care

Videos and Downloads on Feeding, Essential oil and Herbal information, Conditioning tips, Wound care, Hoof care, Enrichment, DIY recipes and MORE!

Ready to Learn about all the ways you can help your donkeys be healthy and live their best lives?

This course is ongoing and will have new info added each month!!!!

The Magic Of Natural Health Care for Donkeys

Essential oils, Herbals and natural care products have helped me in so many ways to keep a healthy herd.

As well as to get unhealthy rescue donkeys, healthy quicker!

Something that matters to me is that the donkeys actually enjoy them too!

In this course:

  • Books and PDF's on donkey health care to download.
  • DIY recipes and info on where to buy ingredients for best prices and best quality!
  • You'll get videos about using essential oils, herbals, feeding
  • Videos on Bodywork techniques to help you donkeys in training and conditioning.
  • And other bonuses

There is no time limit on this course so you can learn at your own pace.

PLEASE NOTICE! This course is not finished and might not be finished as long as I am alive and well because I'm always learning!

You will get any and all updates I add to the course. New videos, recipes, etc. without paying addition money for it!

Hope you'll join me in learning how beneficial natural and alternative health care support can be!

The more I add to this course the price will go up over time so buy now and get this low price offer! You'll get ALL updates and new materials as I add them.

What's inside!

So far...

All for the very low price of...

Natural Donkey Care: Videos, Ebooks, PDF's and More!

One time payment! Course has no time limits and downloads are PDF and yours to keep!
Once you have paid you'll never be charged for anything else I add to this course!