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Digital Selling guide to the digital goods marketplace

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Digital Selling Global is a online review platform that tells you what you need to know about digital products online

My name is Steven Jackson and I am the founder of I have been an entrepreneur, network marketer, online marketer. eBook author, podcaster and even a network marketer with doTerra for many years. My main reason for working online is because I feel it ticks all the boxes for me and gives me the financial freedom and global independence I have always desired. This under normal circumstances would mean I could choose where and how I live my life.

What are digital products?

Since I have been in this industry, a question I am asked a lot is what is a digital product?

Digital products are any product that is sold online and doesn’t have physical form. The format can vary from software, music, eBooks, audio books, training programs, images, videos, mobile apps and webpage or blog temples. There are other products that I haven’t mention, but basically if you cannot physically touch it, it’s probably digital.

Why digital and not physical products?

Entrepreneurs such as myself prefer selling digital items rather than physical products. This is because the delivery of digital products or services are instant or downloadable. This is great for the customer who receives their product instantly and the seller who is paid generally instantly or within a short amount of time. The payment to the affiliate depends on their affiliate agreement, so they vary from company to company.

In addition, customers have become normalized to the activity of buying physical and digital products online such as music, eBooks and audio books. I personally have become very accustomed to getting my monthly, even bio-monthly audio book. Digital products and services have become the norm in the 21st century. Mainly because purchasing a digital items are simply easier for the customer and the seller alike.

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