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Gulf by Michelle D'costa

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“The freshness of Michelle D’costa’s poems owes to their new geographies – the first has to do with her location in the ‘Gulf’ and the experience therein, and, consequently, a new kind of voice in Indian Poetry in English. The sound one hears in them is of hesitation and confusion, of shyness and observation – the sounds of not quite belonging anywhere, of always looking at where one’s shadow is falling.”

— Sumana Roy, Author of Out of Syllabus

“In Michelle’s poems, the reader is transported to a world that is young, lush, and kaleidoscopic, where faith and family are constantly tested and affirmed. Her poems quiver with vulnerability and heart.”

— Shikha Malaviya, Author of Geography of Tongues

“Reading Gulf is like migrating through a miraculous ring hidden under the tongue. These poems open a portal to a world where fish-eyes explore identity, desire, and belonging from a giraffe’s neck.”

— Arjun Rajendran, Author of One man: Two executions

About the Author:

Michelle D’costa is a writer and editor from Mumbai. She was born and raised in Bahrain. She is the co-host of the author interview podcast Books and Beyond With Bound. Her fiction and poetry have appeared in Berfrois, Out Of Print, Eclectica, Litro UK, Queen Mob’s Teahouse, Vayavya, and more. Her poetry was longlisted for the TOTO Award For Creative Writing 2021. She loves mentoring writers. Michelle also enjoys drinking tea, doodling, and dancing. 

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