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Easy Sales Dashboard - Mini CRM

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If you're in the sales industry, using this Notion template can be a fantastic way to begin monitoring your sales cycle. By having a centralized location to view your "Potential Customers" and the steps involved in closing a deal, you'll be better equipped to manage your sales process.

Our Easy Sales Dashboard Template offers several features, including:

  • Sales Cycle Database: Keep track of all potential clients in one place, including contact information, the date you first spoke with them, and any additional notes.
  • Follow-Up View: Stay on top of communication with potential clients by setting follow-up reminders and tracking the status of each interaction.
  • Progress Kanban View: Monitor your sales cycle's progress visually by organizing your potential clients into different stages, such as "Potential," "Negotiation," "Proposal/Price Quotations" and "Closed."

By using this template to track your prospects and guide them through your sales funnel, you can gain insights into your results and improve your overall success. Remember, what we measure, we can grow, so by monitoring your sales cycle diligently, you can transform potential customers into loyal, paying clients.

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