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San Diego was a powder keg waiting to explode.
Cutter Grogan was the spark to light it.

Alejandra 'Aleja' Gutierrez died in San Diego.

An accident, the police said.

Murdered, her mother insisted.

Cutter figures she is mistaken. He'll visit the city however, meet the investigating officers and get back to Jenna Gutierrez.

In San Diego, he finds there is a Russian bratva waiting for him. The Sheriff wants him out of town. Unidentifiable people are tailing him. And that's not to mention the thugs who attacked him in New York soon after his meeting with Jenna.

Everyone seems to be out to kill him and his luck is running out.

Will he survive long enough to know why everyone wants him dead?


Set at the relentless pace readers have come to love, Cutter Grogan is back and better than ever.

'If you like Gregg Hurwitz, David Baldacci and Lee Child, you'll love Ty Patterson'
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