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Trigger Locked Series Book 3: The Virtual Mass Murder

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When you die in the game, you'll also die in real life.

Touka Kimizuki and her twin brother, Yuuto, are high-schooler who works as secret agents for PSIA. But they're no different from the typical high-schooler since they like to play the free-to-play, VR multiplayer online action game called Fatal Bullet. They even agreed to participate in the game's first-ever tournament with their friend, Manabe, and Akie.

However, their excitement to participate in the game tournament was only short-lived when they found out about the rumor where people who died in the game would also die in real life.

Thinking that the rumor was bogus, they continue to play the game anyway. What seems like a rumor turns out to be true when they find out that three people are already dead because of the game.

Seeing that these people died just like the rumor and believing that things will start to escalate from there, they’re sure that there’s only one person who can do this. And he’s also the person that PSIA has been trying to arrest all this time.

Can Touka and the others stop him before the death toll increases to the point of no return?
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