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memoQ Inside Out: Tags

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memoQ Inside Out: Tags

** Please contact me if you are interested in printed copy **

Tags are visually distinct elements in the files imported into Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) tools. While tags themselves almost never require translation, they are usually very important to the formatting of the source and target documents and are often required for the integrity of the translated document, so the tags from source document need to be properly placed in the translated text within CAT tools before exporting the target file.

The purpose of this publication is two-fold: it is intended both as an introduction to the concept of tags in CAT tools for students and others just starting their work with translation environments, and as a detailed manual for handling tags in memoQ. The first chapter, ‘The Concept of Tags’ presents what tags are from the perspective of CAT software user, what types of tags there are, and how they should be handled in general terms. Other chapters discuss features specific to memoQ: how tags can be displayed in the software, various ways of placing source tags in target segments, tag commands available in memoQ for arranging, defining and editing tags, displaying segments containing all tags or specific ones, and ways of deleting target and source tags – both all tags of any type and tags with specific names or attributes. This publication also includes an introduction to converting text into tags in memoQ (with Regex Tagger tool), a description of tag-related QA settings, a chapter on important Microsoft Word tags and even settings influencing how tags affect TM match rates.

Given the above, this e-book may be a useful source for both novice translators looking for insight into somewhat baffling concept of tags and for experienced memoQ users who want to be able to have more control over tag handling. There is a good chance you will find here something that will help you work more efficiently handling tags a daily basis and valuable tips for handling rare cases requiring a deep dive into tags, for example to remove all tags of a specific type or to deal with an infamous ‘tag salad’ if no other solution is sufficient.

Buy this if:

  • You struggle with the concept of tags in CAT tools.
  • You want to know how to work with tags more conveniently and efficiently in memoQ
  • You want to convert text into tags and back (although a knowledge of regular expressions may be required)
  • You want to learn how to filter by tags, remove specific tags, include tags in quotes and more.
You will get a PDF (3MB) file

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