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Landscaper in Love

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He wasn’t paid to fall in love…

I still can’t believe I’m sleeping with the gorgeous Tracy Dawson while her husband Eric watches. When the Dawsons invite me to spend a long weekend at their vacation home at the lake, I jump at the chance. Tracy and I get to know each other in the quiet setting, and my infatuation for her grows deeper with every encounter. I’m falling in love with a married woman…

…and her husband. Eric pushed my boundaries when he asked to join them in bed. Over the long weekend, Eric and I take our physical relationship further, and forge an intimate connection. But being with Eric brings up a whole lot of feelings I’m not ready to deal with.

If I admit my feelings for the Dawsons, will they still invite me into their bed; or will I be left out in the cold?

Landscaper in Love is for readers who love smoking hot MF and MFM scenes that turn into true love scenes.

“I am pulling for the three of them to make this relationship work. The characters are written in a way that has me invested…” – Shannan, Amazon
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