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Attaining Assertiveness (26:35) allows you the opportunity to become calm and relaxed as well as giving you the psychological tools to enhance your assertiveness skills - to deal with life effectively because your mindset will reflect a personal sense of worthiness and inherent value as an individual.  More than 200 people have experiences Attaining Assertiveness.  Rated 4.3 of 5 stars.

This MP3 is written and spoken by Dr. Lynn Brown.

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Almost 9,000 people have experienced the guided meditations with an average rating of 4.6 of 5 stars.

Review:  "Please do yourself a favor and buy this. It will affect the quality of your life at every level - personal and professional.  The first several minutes of the audio is the most effective meditation that I've every experienced - and know I've participated in my fair share.  This meditation is different.  The 2nd portion of the audio is a wonderfully well presented set of statements for attaining assertiveness. The set of statements I'm speaking of are Not 'steps' to take or 'things to do.' Dr. Brown has prepared the listener for success through the use of the deep state of relaxation offered previously in the audio and then simply offers the KNOWLEDGE of what assertiveness is, how positive assertiveness affects you and others in your life - how it raises the level of quality to both your life and those in your orbit, as well as what one can expect from being assertive; she also offers how to respectfully proceed when assertively presenting your needs/expectations.  I highly recommend this lady's work."
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