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Magical Mishaps

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Dark Magic, a seance, and a hex.

The dead are better left alone. When I'm asked by my mother to attend a seance to contact my dead father, I'm apprehensive. Against my better judgement I tag along. Only to find out the spiritual advisor is a con-artist. I call her a phony to her face and she puts a hex on me.

On Halloween day, I awaken in the wrong body. The day gets worse from there. Only when my sister shows up as a werewolf do I realize I may have made a big mistake.

Forced to team up with my mother and sister, my journey to reclaim my body leads down a dark and twisted path. Is risking my life steeper than the price I'm willing to pay?

Fans of Illona Andrews will love this blend of urban fantasy and adventure in Magical Mishaps.
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