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The Mosques of Muharraq - Part One - The Kingdom of Bahrain - Gretell Scott

The Mosques of Muharraq Part 1 - Kingdom of Bahrain - Gretell M. Scott

A photographic book documents the Arab culture of the oldest part of Bahrain, the island of Muharraq, as Gretell Scott, a professional photographer, sought to photograph of all the beautiful mosques and matams. Although Bahrain is a young country, achieving its independence from British Protectorate status only in 1971, Muharraq’s history is ancient. Extending back 5000 years, the Dilmun civilization took root on the trade routes along the Gulf between Mesopotamia and the Indus Valley. The island’s artesian fresh water wells fed Sumerian myths about Dilmun. According to myth, the Dilmun never aged, nor became ill, nor suffered pain. The evidence of the UNESCO World Heritage site of the Dilmun graves in other parts of Bahrain refutes the veracity of the Sumerian myth. However, the Sumerian myth later transformed itself into the Garden of Eden parable. Therefore, as some Bahrainis like to say, Muharraq may be the former residence of Adam and Eve.

 Included are Google Maps to help the tourist or locals find these locations. Part 1, The Mosques of Muharraq includes stunning photographs and brief descriptions and histories of:

  1. Diyar Mosque
  2. Noor Mosque
  3. Shaikh Isa Bin Salman Al Khalifa Grand Mosque
  4. Sayeda Zeinab Mosque
  5. Al Dair Cemetery Mosque
  6. Al Kheef Grand Mosque
  7. Bin Matar Mosque
  8. Matam Rashid Bin Hussain Bin Khatam Mosque
  9. Al Rawdah Mosque
  10. Fatima Al Zahraa Mosque
  11. Matam Al Junoubi
  12. Rashed Al Zayani Mosque
  13. Imam Ali bin Abi Talib Mosque
  14. Mubarak Mosque and Fatima Kano
  15. Mariam Ebrahim Lori Mosque
  16. Aisha Umm Al Moaminin Grand Mosque
  17. Ali Mohammed Kanoo Mosque
  18. Al Askariyeen Mosque
  19. Al Gharbi Masjed, The Western   Mosque
  20. Al Wasti Mosque
  21. Sheikh Isa Mosque
  22. Samaheej Grand Mosque
  23. Matam Shabab Samaheej and
  24. Matam Samaheej Al Kabeer
  25. The White Mosque
  26. Sheikh Mohammed Al Shamali Mosque
  27. Al Ghazali Mosque
  28. Northern Mosque
  29. Lulwa Al-Jawder Masjed Mosque
  30. Alshabah Mosque
  31. Khair Mosque
  32. Abu Obaida Mosque
  33. Masjid Khalid Ibn Al Walled Mosque
  34. Alzamel Mosque
  35. Hafsa AL Awadi Mosque
  36. Imam Zain Al Abdeen Mosque
  37. Haj Ahmed Issa Al Marzouqi Mosque
  38. Dhbia Bint Rashid Mohammed Masjid Mosque
  39. Mariam Bent Jassim Kanoo Mosque
  40. Sheikha Baza Mosque

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