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Triumph Through Pain: How to Maximize Your Full Potential During Hard Times

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They say Death is common to all and no matter who you are, where you come from or what is in your bank account we will all experience death in some shape, form, or fashion.  When death comes through like a thief in the night how will you be prepared?  Many cope differently with death and when all options are limited, what do you do to ease your anxiety while experiencing constant trauma?

Bas Moreno, LMSW is a social worker who was faced with this same dilemma when his mother died suddenly.  Poetry became his outlet, and the pen and pad helped soothe his hurt while the whole world was going mad.

This book aims to help anyone who is facing something similar and who needs an outlet to release and begin to thrive instead of simply surviving.  Despite losses, this book will teach you how to have the will to achieve your goals and continue to build your legacy.

The book was written during the pandemic after losing over 10 social work clients and my mother from Covid during the same time period.  Despite my losses, I still had the self awareness to complete my goals of becoming a 1st time home owner and starting a business.  Get your autographed 30 page poetry book describing themes such as grief, loss, anxiety, self awareness and financial literacy.

These theme are not normally talked about in our black and brown communities.  It's time to change that narrative.