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Symbolism & Sacred Geometry

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Have you ever heard of the so-called Sacred Geometry, with amongst others the symbol of the “Flower of Life” which can be found in many countries and time periods – going back as far as Ancient Egypt (Kemet) and possibly even further in time? Have you ever heard of the concept of “wu wei”, “doing by not doing”, “action through non-action”?

The question can also be put as follows: do you wish to know more on how you yourself co-create the reality you experience?

After reading this book you will be able to fathom a fundamental aspect of the world and of Life as such by understanding the underlying message and meaning of this symbolic. The book also contains descriptions of energetic structures in your being, and helps you to gauge your own true nature and that of what we commonly call “Reality”. You co-create your reality, the one you are living. The book further contains some exercises to meditate on the insights or to apply these in your everyday life.

Number of pages: 96

Table of Contents

0. Introduction       1
I. Expressions Of Sacred Geometry     4
II. The Current Paradigm Of “Ignore-Ance Is Bliss”, And The Future     9
III. The Seed Of Life, Its Central Sphere As The Seat Of Our Co-Creative Force     15
      + The Epic Of Gilgamesh       33
      + The Centre Of Centres As The “Seed”       40
      + Inner Energetic Lay-Out       45
      + Co-Creation       48
IV. The Final Energetic Structure: The Antahkarana       58
V. ‘Wu Wei’, Or The Rule For The Most Effective Co-Creatorship       68
VI. Mirrorology       75
       + Our Body As Yet Another And Very Important And Useful Mirror  80
VII. Some Other Symbols, And An Attempt To Answer The “So What” Question       83


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