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Nourish Me Free Workshop w/ Janine Langdon-Lee

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Who nourishes you when you have nothing left to give? ⁠

Feeling overwhelmed can have a ripple effect on our health, our partners, children, families and communities. The frazzle can show up as brain fog, exhaustion, panic, forgetfulness, feeling down and many more things during our day to day.⁠ Janine and I have decided to bring together a free practical workshop and conversation around nourishment of self. ⁠

The last 18 months has been a wild ride for most of us, we haven't known what will happen next, whether we can travel, the state of our jobs, our health or whether we'll be locked down, time and time again. Uncertainty is draining. Living in a sense of suspension with no endpoint can be exhausting.⁠ Know what we mean?!

In this workshop, Janine will share how she turned her world around and got back on top of her health, sleep, emotions and energy. This is an open discussion with workshopping, conversation and some practical planning (including the free 'Nourish Me' planner).⁠

Janine will be taking a deep dive into self-care and nourishing and nurturing practices that can help to support you day to day in your way. No self-care practice is prescriptive it’s all about YOU and what works and supports YOU!⁠

This is about softening, supporting and nourishing your mind, body and soul so you can truly feel more energetic.⁠  Daily self-care practices that can easily be incorporated and made a priority in your life can support your mental health, energy, strength, creativity and vitality.⁠

We really hope you enjoy the workshop!
Emma & Janine xo
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