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Renew your 2023 VIP Main Group Pass

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Renew your VIP main group full year access for October is $60 SALE Price
Reg Price $150.00

This gets you instant access into our Main Bundle group, where we have games, giveaways, crochet alongs and over 300 Bundles you can acess in our files.

VIP Group Closes for the year on Feb, 4 2023
Grab you SALE - VIP Group pass into ET's & Friends Good for Instant Access through 12/31/2023

Step1 - Buy it NOW - Get instant entry into the VIP group and files 
Step2 - Pm Tina Marie Drescher for Instant Access - Step3- If you are not already a  VIP member request to join -

What you will get?
Instant access to over 300 Bundles - both Mix of SC and C2C  Our VIP group has games, exclusive CALs and giveaways.  
NEW for 2023 - Pluffmudd aka Lana will be adding to our VIP Bundle Files - 1 Bundle each month
NEW for 2023 - ETs, Cindy's Graphs and Pixelated designs will continue to add their bundles!    
NEW for 2023 - Birthday design choice - each VIP member will be allowed 1 reg pattern choice on their 2023 Birthday 
NEW for 2022 - We will have exclusive Guest Designer CALs running every 3 months.   January will be announced in the VIP group
NEW for 2023 - Earn rewards with each of your VIP finished projects that will earn you Lobby Designer patterns.  - If you renew your 2022 Rewards that are left over will transition into 2023.  We have a great plan for our VIP rewards but need more time to implement the giveaways, prizes and rewards.  


You will get a JPG (75KB) file

Cowboy & Cowgirl SC Bundle - includes graphs with color block instructions


M&M SC & Mini C2C Bundle - includes color block instructions


Hey Diddle Diddle SC Bundle - includes graphs with color block instructions


Extreme Ghost Buster sc 8 patterns includes color block instructions


Scooby Doo SC Block Bundle - 21 Patterns includes graphs & color block instructions


Sharks sc Bundle 8 Patterns includes color block instructions


Monopoly SC & Mini C2C BUNDLE - includes color block instructions

On Sale

Minions SC & Mini c2c Bundle - includes graphs with color block instructions


Funny Farm SC Bundle - includes graphs with color block instructions


Scooby Dooby Doo Friends Bundle sc & mini c2c includes color block instructions