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Civil Engineering Assignment Help

Are you in search of an expert who can help with assignments of Civil Engineering? Do you have the time constraint for doing your Civil Engineering assignment or Civil Engineering homework? Do you need help in assignments of Civil Engineering to secure good grades? If the answer to any of these questions is YES, you heve to turn to Civil Engineering experts.

Who does not get fascinated with tall buildings, bridges, roads and cannels? This all interesting areas are studied under civil engineering. This is one of the oldest studies in the field of engineering. It developed its roots after military engineering. Military engineering developed its roots since the inception of mankind as man always been threatened by some way or other. But the actual engineering has its roots or was being conceptualised much later. This study was divides under various sub parts such as environmental engineering, geotechnical engineering, structural engineering, transportation engineering, municipal or urban engineering, water resources engineering, materials engineering, coastal engineering, surveying, and construction engineering.


Civil engineering has its roots at all the levels i.e. from engineering an individual house to a huge corporation to a government organisation.

Civil engineering actually implies both physical and scientific principles. It has derived its theories from physics and maths.  As said earlier it encompasses various disciplines, its history is linked to knowledge of structures, materials science, geography, geology, soils, hydrology, environment, mechanics and other fields.

In the earlier times, most architectural design was carried by special artisans; knowledge was limited to a few. Most of the structures were repetitive in nature.

One of the earliest examples of a scientific approach to physical and mathematical problems applicable to civil engineering is the work of Archimedes in the 3rd century BC. In the Indian context, Brahmagupta, an Indian mathematician, used arithmetic in the 7th century AD, based on Hindu-Arabic numerals, for excavation (volume) computations.



Coastal engineering
Construction engineering
Earthquake engineering
Environmental engineering
Geotechnical engineering
Water resources engineering
Materials engineering
Structural engineering
Transportation engineering
Municipal or urban engineering


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