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The Kemo Supplementation Protocol

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Has your oncologist told you (or somebody you love) "If you take supplements during kemotherapy, it'll prevent the kemo from working properly"?

Where do they get that information? Is it true? What is the actual success rate of kemo itself? Do specific antioxidants actually improve outcomes, quality of life and longevity?

If you're looking for articles, papers, quotes, research and studies to share with your doctor, they're all here!

In this powerful protocol (that's not medical advice & I'm not a doctor!)

You'll learn...

  • 34 powerful nutrients I would take
  • The top 8 supplements I would start with on a budget
  • Eye opening studies showing antioxidants help improve outcomes
  • The most important questions to ask your oncologist BEFORE STARTING KEMO
  • What I would take DURING kemo and radiation
  • The top 2 things to focus on AFTER kemo is complete
  • 3 foods you must avoid at all costs
  • The main cleanses I would focus on after kemo is complete
  • 17 life changing home therapies to do after kemo is over
  • Where to find holistic treatment centers near you
  • 6 Treatments you'll want to do on a regular basis to stay in top shape!
  • 1 powerful article that will change your entire perspective
  • and muc more!


18 pages, zero of which is fluff

Over 120 links to






Biohacking tools

and much more!

Grab your copy today and be an empowered patient!

** Note: None of the information here on in our protocols are meant to be medical advice. The information contained herein is not meant to treat, diagnose or cure any disease or health condition. Whether you're seeking natural remedies or allopathic treatments there are no guarantees they will work. You should always consult your medical doctor before starting any treatment. I am not a medical doctor, I am an avid health researcher sharing my findings in the medical research.

You will get a PDF (286KB) file

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