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Slide Down on Me

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Travis couldn’t believe his eyes – Arabella Drake really was back in town. He heard the rumors for weeks, but until she inched her car into the parking lot of his garage, he wasn’t sure he believed them. Yet, there she stood with her beautiful curves, a timid smile on her lips, and in need of his help.

To everyone in their small town, Bella was guilty by association and blood for the underhanded behavior of her brother. But to Travis… She was the one he always wanted, but never got close enough to have outside of his dreams and fantasies.

Until now.

The repairs on her car cost more than she can pay and he made it a policy to never work for free, so with zero thought for the consequences, he proposes an unconventional solution until she can gather the money together.

Her… Sliding down all over him whenever, wherever, however he wants.

Author's Note: This title was previously published by Ellora's Cave Publishing, Inc. It was also self-published as Slide and Dirty Mechanic. It had been lightly revised.
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