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Meet Sandra Lynn

Marketing is not hard, you just need to know what to do. And when you have the right guide it's so much easier.

Hi I’m Sandra. I’m an industry veteran with a few clients you might recognize: Brookstone, People Magazine, Guess Watches, and several of the Shark Tank hosts.

  • Experienced strategic marketing consultant
  • Business coach
  • Direct response guru
  • 7x seasoned entrepreneur
  • Pioneer in e-book sales
  • Marketing instructor at NYU & Columbia

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In this call we'll address your biggest challenge

> How to get some direction on a big decision

> Be a sounding board for an important plan

> Map out steps when you aren't sure where to start and need clarity

> How to work with content you already have

> How to use the tools you already know to get things done faster and easier

> Answer the #1 thing that is troubling you, and get you un-stuck and into immediate action


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