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Get Unentangled

Learn how to let go of people pleasing in dating and romantic relationships

In this 60 minute online workshop we will be deep diving into your sensitivities as a people pleaser trying to navigate your most cherished relationship. 

After you've worked through the content you will have a much better idea of what your needs are and how you can work with any current or future partners as teammates instead of opponents.

This workshop is for you if:

  • People pleasing is negatively affecting your dating life and/or romantic relationships
  • You feel like you lose yourself in relationships and become entangled with your partner
  • You often feel dependent on other people to meet your needs
  • Hoping your partner can read your mind and passive-aggressiveness are your natural reactions
  • You avoid having difficult conversations and skirt around problems instead
  • When you do tell your partner how you feel, it’s from an emotional and defensive place which rarely gets a helpful response

In the workshop we will cover:

  • Why so many of us struggle when dating and pursuing romantic relationships
  • How people pleasing shows up in this arena
  • What most of us need to thrive in our intimate relationships
  • The essentials to get you started in improving your communication with present and/or future partners

After you will:

  • Begin creating deep connections while still maintaining your own identity so that you're co-creating a life with your partner rather than creating your life around them
  • Feel able to resolve conflict and communicate with more ease so that you and your partner are a team rather than opponents
  • Know how to support yourself and have your own back so that things don't fall apart when things go wrong or you're partner's not available
  • Stop playing games and wasting time with potential partners, you'll know that your time is valuable
  • Be able to view relationship issues in a different light so that you don't blame yourself or your partner but instead work together to reach a solution that suits you both

Your Teacher - Meg Sloan

Meg Sloan is a Life Coach and Therapist based in the North East of England. She supports people pleasers to start putting their needs first, improve their communication skills and develop deep self-trust. Meg mainly works with clients 1:1 but also runs self-development and corporate workshops.

Initially training in low intensity CBT techniques while working in the NHS, Meg started her own business after realising there are a large portion of people who could benefit from the tools and skills she was using, but may never present to their GP for mental health support.

After her own struggles with self worth and people pleasing, Meg realised that having support, even when it looks like you're coping, is essential to long-lasting change.

What people are saying

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The workshop was very eye-opening and made me realise how much I am accommodating other people rather than thinking of myself.

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I now have tools to manage my emotions when I'm overwhelmed or not in control.

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Thank you for a great session, it was really interesting and took a lot away from it, especially your insights about attachment styles.

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