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The Mikado Orchestral Music

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The Mikado - Orchestral Music

Gilbert and Sullivan

For those G&S fans who like the orchestral music without the words.

mp3 file contains the following tracks:

Act I

1.   No.1 Opening Chorus

2.   2:22 No.2 Wand'ring Minstrel

3.   6:00 Nos 5/5a  behold the Lord High Executioner / As Someday It May Happen

4.   8:33 Nos 6/7/8 Comes a Train; Three Little maids; So Please You, Sir

5.   14:09 No.10 I Am So Proud

Act II

6.   17:13 No.1 Braid the Raven Hair

7.   20:36 No.2 The Sun Whose Rays

8.   23:16 No.4 Here's a how-de-do!

9.   24:28 Nos 5/6 Entrace of Mikado / A More Humane Mikado

10.  29.20 No.9 The Flower that Bloom in the Spring

11.  30:56 No.10 Hearts Do Not Break

12.  32:41 No.11 Tit-Willow

13.  34:07 No.12 There's Beauty in the Bellow of the Blast

14.  36:01 No.13 Finale Act II

Trial by Jury Orchestral music also available

You will get a MP3 (87MB) file
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