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UFOs & The Government Coverup

The original, first edition classic, in easy-to-read, digital, full color, PDF ebook format for the first time. 
334 pages, 330 Endnotes. Illustrated. - This book is perhaps the first to give proper credit to Captain Edward Ruppelt, the former director of the USAF's Project Blue Book. Ruppelt exposed the truth about the purpose of Blue Book - to convince the American people and the news media that they were actually studying the UFO reports that people were sending in from around the country. While in reality, Blue Book was just rubber-stamping almost all of the reports as "identified," even though they hadn't investgated them at all. In truth, Blue Book was a tiny office with very little funding, wherease behind the scenes the AF/government/military were spending billions of $$ studying the technology and back-engineering crashed UFOs that had been retrieved by specially trained units within the black-budget, most highly classified projects of the secret government.
UFOs & The Government Coverup also outlines the true reasons behind the coverup, including an examination of the importance of the Alien Hybridization Program, and how it fits into the narrative.
UFO/Alien information is withheld from all but a very tiny percent of the intelligence community, elements of the military and secret government, and it is the most highly classified information, far above nuclear technology and everything else.
UFOs & The Government Coverup also includes a brief history of UFOs going back thousands of years, and a thorough but concise description of what actually happened at Roswell, New Mexico in July of 1947. This event sparked the first major shift in how our secret government and the US military handle UFO information.
But the true start of the UFO coverup we see today happened five years later, in July of 1952, at a press conference in Washington, DC, where Major General John Samford answered questions from reporters and the news media about the numerous, dramatic UFO sightings and over-flights in our nation's capital that summer. UFOs & the Government Coverup contains a thorough examination of what actually happened. including statements by pilots, radar people and witnesses on the ground. 
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334 pages, 330 footnotes.
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