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The Unflappable Miss Fairchild

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Unflappable lady meets unconventional gentleman. Will chaos or courtship result?

The ever-practical Anne Fairchild knows the rules of engagement in Regency England—the proper way a young lady should seek a husband. She’s been groomed to make the best match possible so she can help the two elderly aunts who raised her stave off poverty. So why is it one moment in the presence of the dashing Chas Prestwick, and she’s ready to throw propriety to the wind?

The black sheep of the family, Chas excels at shocking Society with his wild wagers and reckless carriage racing. But his bravado masks a bruised and lonely heart. As fate conspires to throw these two together, can the sweet-natured Anne convince him to take the greatest risk of all—on love?

If you like sweet, witty Regency romances, then you’ll love Regina Scott’s first book in her Uncommon Courtships series.

“Ms. Scott's appealing characters will win your heart.” RT Book Reviews

Take a carriage ride on the wild side today. Uncommon Courtships, Forever Loves.

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