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She should have kissed her…

The Lady Kings and their singer, Lana Lynch, have been out of the limelight since Lana's partner's sudden death ten years ago. They’re ready for an epic comeback tour, but have to take a young and hip support band with them.

Cleo Palmer and The Other Women are over the moon when they get booked to support their lifelong idols and share the stage with the iconic Lady Kings—especially queer legend Lana Lynch.

But when Lana invites her to sing a sensual duet together every night, Cleo gets way more than she bargained for.

Lana and Cleo's on-stage chemistry is off the charts, but the differences in their age and life experience, not to mention some dramatic band politics, prove difficult to overcome.

Can Lana and Cleo find their way to each other once the spotlights are switched off?

Best-selling lesbian fiction author Harper Bliss brings you an age-gap rock star romance about what happens when the passion of a performance turns into something real…

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Customer Reviews

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Susie T.

3 days ago

Immaculate work

Reading The Duet is like having a backstage pass to see your favorite artist perform on stage; Lana and Cleo, quickly became my favorite artists of all time.

Harper Bliss captures the very essence of the energy and tensions of being on tour, giving the reader an exclusive insight to the chemistry building between our leading ladies, and the inevitable consequences. The love scenes are among the best I have ever read, moving and graphic, but necessarily so. No wonder the book is number one…

I don’t know how Harper manages to excel with every book, but this is yet another example of her immaculate work – long may it continue.

Mari S.

1 week ago

Wonderful age-gap romance

Lana Lynch, the lead singer of the Lady kings, has been mourning the death of her wife and guitarist of the band for ten years. After so long they decide is time to have a comeback tour, taking a band of young women that are making their own name. Cleo Palmer and her band The Other Women have idolised The Lady Kings all their lives and she, particularly Lana. So, when the opportunity to become their opening act comes their way, they’re thrilled to take it. Lana is amazed by Cloe’s voice, so she invites her to sing the closing song, just the two of them. A sensual song that was originally sung by Lana and Isabel Adler, takes a very different feeling. When Cloe accepted, she never thought about what was coming her way. Their strong chemistry is unexpected.

I loved it from the start, so promising and the development was everything I hoped for. It’s always good to hear or even just read a bit about characters from other books, here there’s the mention of Faye Fleming and Ida Burton, as well as Isabel Adler.

It’s an intense and emotional brilliant story. This is one of those books that the moment you start reading you know will strike every chord, a masterpiece and will make you feel in love with it, also will stay with you forever.

I was so captivated by the story, that I could see it folding before my eyes and it was simply amazing. Harper's writing is flawless and engaging. Harper is the best at writing age gap stories; this is definitely one of her best.

That chemistry between Lana and Cleo, to say is amazing and absolutely sizzling hot is an understatement. They’re perfect together. And even in those times when you could feel the age gap playing a role, their chemistry was undeniable. There was a point I could understand Lana completely and thought Cleo and her band were acting a little overdramatic and like they were still in high school, but Harper is very good going through the story and sorting out the bumps on the road.

Was great to see Isabel Adler again, I loved her in A Breathless Place".

I love the fuzzy, happy feeling I'm left with after reading this magnificent book. Highly recommended

It’s a beautiful, amazing and simply brilliant read.

ARC received in exchange for an honest review


1 week ago

Great age gap romance

Great story about two leading ladies who just can't fight the attraction between them, especially when singing a beautiful duet together. But like all good stories, things never run smoothly.
The story was enhanced by catching up with the main characters, Izzy and Leila, from another great read from Harper, A Breathless Place.


Verified Buyer

1 week ago

What a terrific read!

An awesome book - simply didn’t want it to end………Thank you Harper

Maz T.

1 week ago

Harper has done it again - spectacular

I was give a free copy of this book for an honest impartial review.
Harper has written another blockbuster.
The two main characters are so well written you can’t help but love and cheer them on.
The story is so believable I want to go and see them on tour.

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