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The Strength of the Single Parent: Teachings in the Bible

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Being a single parent is one of the most difficult jobs someone can find themselves performing. The church and society view the sole mother or father as at a disadvantage without a partner. This is a myth, and this work exposes the doctrinal falsehoods taught in the church concerning single parenting.  On the contrary based on Biblical teachings and two exemplary single parent examples the Bible provides, you will discover that in the eyes of God being a single parent is a strength and not a weakness. In addition, this book looks at the negative issues in a two-parent household that a single parent does not face. If you are a single parent who has been divorced, widowed, or abandoned by your mate, this book is for you.  In it are the keys to being a successful parent, along with what the Bible teaches is your strength in your role despite the pain from your loss of a mate, and your children their other parent.
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