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A.R. Dragonfly Origins: Episode Amber

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Amber Ryann was different than most children her age. Born with a melanocyte defect, Amber suffered from pale skin and pure white hair. This made her a target for bullying as well as an object of neglect from her very own parents. Needless to say, Amber had it rough growing up. Still, through all of the torment she endured, Amber pressed on with her life; however, all of those experiences would have an adverse effect on her, leaving her with severe social anxiety, the inability to trust people, and a very unique way of speaking. The only thing that could comfort Amber was the online battle game Blaze Auras. Before Amber became the #1 ranked player in that game, she had a long and arduous journey to get there. This is her story.

You will get a EPUB (3MB) file
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