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Dear Single Mom

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"Who can I turn to?" is a question I've asked myself many times as a single mother.
I have to put on my cape, vest, and shield every day to be everything to everyone, all while often feeling overlooked.
I've had to be an employee on the job, a student in the classroom, the "perfect woman" for a man. And let's not forget, a chef, chauffeur, disciplinarian, etc., to the child(ren.)
At the end of the day, when I stripped myself of the badges, titles, and accolades, I found myself alone with no one who could relate to what I was going through. At that moment, I knew that I had to reach out to others who share my experiences and create a safe space for us to relate, relax, and release. "Dear

Single Mom: You Were Built to Defy the Odds" is a compilation of testimonies shared by mothers who can not only relate to one another but who also came together to empower other single moms. This book is a tangible reminder to let other single mothers know that they aren't on this journey alone, even though they may "feel" as though they are by themselves. The stories within the pages of this collaborative project are filled with inspiration and hope to encourage single mothers worldwide.
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