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Heroes Orchestra - The 5th Anniversary (2023)

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Digital download version of fourth Heroes Orchestra album - "The 5th Anniversary" recorded during concerts that took place in 2022 and early 2023. 


1. Warlock & Barbarian Suite from HoMM I (feat. Paul Anthony Romero, Michał Bylina)

2. Knight from HoMM I

3. Battle 01 from HoMM I

4. Grassland from HoMM II

5. Sorceress from HoMM II (feat. Jędrzej Sienkiewicz)

6. Necromancer from HoMM II

7. Knight from HoMM II (feat. Paul Anthony Romero)

8. Battle 02 from HoMM III

9. Battle 03 from HoMM III (feat. Paul Anthony Romero)

10. Sea from HoMM IV

11. Main Theme from HoMM V

12. Haven from HoMM V (feat. Paul Anthony Romero)

13. Searching for a Dream form HoMM IV (feat. Paul Anthony Romero, Brock Summers, Jędrzej Sienkiewicz)

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