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The Volca Beats Sample Pack is a library of percussive samples obtained from the Korg Volca Beats drum machine. The Volca Beats is a compact device with 6 analog voices and 4 PCM sounds (10 voices in total). However, even the most compact hardware devices may not always fit everyone’s workflow, so we decided to sample some of our favorite sounds of the Volca Beats. 

This sample pack offers you a wide range of sounds: 150 one-shot samples recorded with various settings of the drum machine’s voices, as well as a sampled noise loop. The Volca Beats Sample Pack is intended for use with third-party samplers and sequencers, so it doesn’t capture any features of the Volca Beats’ own sequencer.

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The sample pack contains 150 sounds split into 10 folders. Additionally, it has a noise loop which was recorded from the Korg Volca Beats (VOLCA BEATS Noise.wav). The sample format is WAV 48kHz 24bit, which is the standard for modern DAWs and hardware samplers alike. 


Only the Volca Beats Sample Pack is used in the video demos with various devices and software; little to no extra processing is applied to the samples.


You will get a ZIP (18MB) file