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Willow Wright has no time for dating.

With a thriving bakery to run, she has no shelf space for a love life and all its complications. Besides, the last time she opened up for love, it left her broke and broken.

When the past comes barging in, she turns to her best friend Ruffin to help her out of this sticky situation.

But one kiss is all it takes to revive feelings she thought were way past their expiration date.

Ruffin Wilder is doing fine all on his own.

Now if he could just convince his meddling family of that. After rescuing his best friend Willow from a run-in with her skeevy ex, he whips up a plan to help them both out.

It involves rednecks, fireworks, and a lot of lying. But he’s a firefighter; he takes the heat for a living.

Fake dating your best friend should be a piece of cake, right?

Piece of Cake is a sweet, standalone romance in the Midnight Bluff series with a dash of laughs and a heaping helping of small-town Southern sass.
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