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Mountain Murder, second ebook in a duet with why choose dark romance but with werewolves.

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Mountain Murder

Mountain Menace 2

A.M. Proctor

A dark werewolf reverse harem romance. Book 2

Warning: This is a monster romance. Werewolves love their "human" mate. She has four men and three wolven lovers. There's a lot of sex. There is alpha, dominate behavior. It might get slightly bloody. It's not as dark as book one.

Hardley Walsh

I found my family. Soul-bonded to three wonderful monsters. I’m not a beauty, and my beasts don’t dance. They are full-blown growly werewolves.

Daddy Bear healed the battered little girl caged inside me.

Beautiful Cassius reminded me not to take myself too seriously as he danced to the beat of his own tune.

Dominant Darius was the complicated, mountain hurricane I craved to defy.

Gentle Silas was my best friend and the caretaker of my heart.

Did it matter that only one of my four mates was human?

My body was going through dangerous and unexplainable changes that might hurt Silas. My wolven mates responded by putting restrictions on our private interactions until they could figure out what was happening to me. They should have known by now. I loved crossing red lines and Silas was as stubborn as he was tall.

The murders on the Appalachian Trail were still happening, and they might hold us responsible. The Measure was sniffing around the homestead, making Bear tense and unpredictable. But his enemy might have the answers I needed to control my unpredictable new self.

Something dark was coming for me and … my period was late.

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