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There are Hastings Plumber out there right now with missing fingers, broken limbs and lesions they didn't know about until they started seeing pus ooze from them.  They're walking around in plumber's crack just daring some unwitting soccer mom to find something that will give her a reach-around while she calls the plumber because the garbage disposal isn't grinding up her Taco Bell leftovers fast enough.  

Many plumbers never expect to be injured on the job for many reasons, most of which involve denial or avoidance. There are also plumbers who don't see danger signs or follow proper procedures but still manage to escape injury.  If you want to avoid becoming part of plumber statistic, read these guidelines about plumbers and their dangerous jobs.


If you're new to plumber's crack, you might approach it with some semblance of professionalism at first.  This is not the case for plumbers veterans.  These people have seen things that would drive lesser men insane. They've had plumber's crack smashed into by pliers on multiple occasions and survived to tell the tale.  They don't give a shit about plumber's crack any more or less than they care about safe working practices or personal hygiene (none).  

When you work as a plumber, your mind is focused on one thing: completing the task without getting injured.  Once you become a plumber, you have to accept that plumber's crack is part of the job.


Some plumbers view plier's as a tool with a dual purpose: cutting and gripping. It doesn't matter whether this is true or not but pliers are the most dangerous tool in your plumber's arsenal. There have been many plumbers who have died from blood poisoning caused by cuts they received from plier jaws going too deep into their hands when they misjudged how hard they were squeezing something with them. To avoid these kinds of injuries, always wear safety glasses while using pliers on the.


Plumbers will often use plumber's tape measures to determine the level of plumber's crack exposure they are dealing with.  This measurement is determined by how high up on the plumber's thigh the tape measure goes.  When you work as a plumber, keep in mind that there are notches on plumber's tape measures that indicate plumber's crack levels. If you're just starting out your Plumbers Napier career, start at notch number one and slowly move up or down based on how much plumber's crack you feel comfortable showing during the day.   
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