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Amydoux SLWC Down By the Pier Are Those Exposed Toes Cold or Ticklish? (HD 1920X1080)

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(Some English) This is one of our favorite recent clips and a definite must see. Cutie Amydoux is in a single heel and hose, and she gimps around the pier with her BFF on a cold day with her exposed foot hanging out of her cast as she tries to deal with walking balancing on one heel and dealing with her cold toes at the same time. As they bend down to check out the water Amydoux continues to wiggle her exposed toes to keep them warm but asks that they find a seat in nearby bleachers do she can rest her casted foot. When they find a seat Amydoux props her casted foot up on her friend’s leg while her friend finds a bandage thread hanging off the plaster hear the foot part of the cast and tickles Amydoux's foot with it. Her reaction is so cute. Her friend also tries to warm Amydoux's bare toes with her hand. But then she starts tapping her fingernails on Amydoux's cast just under her exposed toes. While Amydoux wonders what her BFF is up to tapping the plaster around her foot while she wiggles her toes to stay warm, the sound is sure to make AMSR enthusiasts happy. After Amydoux reaches down to check out her big toe her friend strikes and uses her fingernails to tickle Amydoux's soft sole when she's least expects it. Her reaction is priceless. Still Amydoux trusts her enough to go back down to the pier and hunt shells while continuing to show off and wiggle her cute casted toes in some more great scenes. Lots of closeups and great foot play in this one as well as a great outfit and a real casted cutie with cute little bare toes. The previews can't do it justice.

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