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How To Make a Bean Bag

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Bean bags make great gift ideas for kids. They can be used for so many activities including:

  • Hand toss games, like cornhole, hopscotch, and hot potato;
  • Hacky sack;
  • Juggling;
  • Balancing activities (like walking a distance with the bean bag on their head or racing with a bean bag on their heads);
  • Catch;
  • Bean bag hide-and-seek;
  • Outdoor chalk tic-tac-toe;
  • Memory game (Sewing tip: use the same fabric for one side of each outer bag and then pairs of the same fabric for two inner bags);
  • And more!

Depending on the age of the kids you are making these bean bags for, your budget, and whether the kids have indoor or outdoor space, you can decide how many bean bags to make, and if there are any other items you'd like to include with the gift (like outdoor chalk or cornhole boards).

This beginner-friendly tutorial for making bean bags uses two layers to enhance durability and is stuffed with Fairfield Poly-Fil Poly Pellets Weighted Stuffing Beads. Poly Pellets are machine washable and, unlike perishable fillers, they don't invite pests and mold.

You will get a PDF (7MB) file