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PENIS CANCER Signs,Symptoms,Causes, Prevent and Treatment

Penile cancer, or cancer of the penis, is a relatively uncommon type of cancer that affects the skin and tissues of the penis. It happens when regularly healthy cells in the penis become cancerous and start to develop out of control, framing a tumor.

The cancer may eventually spread to other territories of the body, including the organs, other organs, and lymph hubs. The American Cancer Society estimates approximately 2,300 instances of penile cancer are analyzed in the United States each year.

The first noticeable symptom of penile cancer is typically a bump, mass, or ulcer on the penis. It may resemble a little, insignificant knock or an enormous, infected sore. By and large, it'll be located on the head or foreskin instead of on the shaft of the penis.

Other symptoms of penile cancer include:




changes in the shade of the penis

thickening of the penile skin




swollen lymph hubs in the crotch

Summon your doctor right if you're experiencing any of these symptoms. Getting an early diagnosis and treatment is critical for expanding the odds of a positive outcome.

Men who are uncircumcised are bound to develop penile cancer. This may be because uncircumcised men are at risk for other conditions that affect the penis, for example, phimosis and smegma.

Phimosis is a condition wherein the foreskin turns out to be tight and difficult to retract. Smegma is a substance that structures when dead skin cells, moisture, and oil collect underneath the foreskin. It may likewise develop when uncircumcised men neglect to clean the zone under the foreskin appropriately.

Men are additionally at an expanded risk for penile cancer if they:

are over age 60

smoke cigarettes

practice poor individual cleanliness

live in a district with poor sanitation and cleanliness practices

have a sexually transmitted infection, for example, the human papillomavirus (HPV)

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