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Escapeboard: Ethan Wares Skateboard Series Omnibus Edition - Books 1 - 5

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The Ethan Wares series is a fast-paced skateboard adventure written for skateboarders by a skateboarder and is guaranteed to keep you reading from beginning to end.

Pro skateboarder, Ethan Wares, has been dropped by every sponsor and has one last deal on the table: a failing TV station, Network 27. In desperation to keep their ratings high, filming unique and inaccessible skate-spots adds to the pressure which claustrophobic Wares could do without.

This omnibus edition covers all five books in the series, including: The Blocks, Abandoned, Pool Staker, Punch Drunk, and Nutbar DIY

  • In The Blocks: Ethan skates a granite ledge from a prestigious art exhibition that has been flown 4000 miles around the world and placed in a council estate named, The Bronx.
  • In Abandoned: The ultimate wall ride has been found in an old psychiatric hospital.
  • In Pool Staker: After discovering a skate-able pool at an old leisure centre, Ethan thinks it’s a no-brainer to break in and ride it.
  • In Punch Drunk: All Ethan wants to do is blow up the retail rail like they did in Fully Flared.
  • In Nutbar DIY: A nearby explosion lands Ethan in a tricky position with a back garden chemist. 
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