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Audiobook - Falling For Your Best Friend

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I know how this story ends. And it’s NOT with the best friends falling in love.

Even if Chase checks all my boxes--and then some.

He’s the perfect guy, and he deserves the perfect girl. Which, to be clear, is not me. I knew one day I would have to let him go. I just didn’t know it would be so soon.

Or that my traitorous friend would be the one setting him up with a string of potential girlfriends.

Now, I have an impossible choice to make... I can watch Chase find love with someone else. Or I can throw my hat in the ring and face my biggest fear, one not even he knows.

One that might make him run for the Texas hill country.

But if I don’t make a play, I might lose my best friend and my only chance at love...

Falling for Your Best Friend is a laugh-out-loud, heartwarming romcom with a neurodivergent main character, a cinnamon roll hero, and a baby goat named Sergeant Pepper. All the chemistry you want with closed-door romance!
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