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Clear Bookkeeping Sole Trader Club Plus Self-Assessment

Sole Trader PLUS Membership

What do I get:

- 2021-22 Tax Return - Completed ** see below for exceptions 

- Xero basic Subscription - additional sessions will be given to help set it up correctly. Please note Sales invoicing is not including with this subscription. 

- 2022-23 Tax Return - Completed ** see below for exceptions 

- Members Only Facebook group - perfect to ask those niggling questions. There is never a silly question and I guarantee I will respond in plain English! 

- Accountability for you to keep your bookkeeping up to date

- Monthly Finance Training 
Every month there will be a zoom training on subjects like:

How much should I be saving for my tax bill?
What business expenses can I even claim?
Important bookkeeping tips that you never get told.
What is my break-even sales point - super important to know what sales income you need to break even and also what sales income you might need if you want to take home a certain amount.
How to build a business budget and why it is important.
What things should I be tracking in my business and how it can help grow your business
What to do if you start nearing the vat threshold
How to use Xero Accounting software

There will also be opportunities to vote on subject areas your want covered.

This is a 12-month commitment and once the 12 months are up you will be able to drop to a lower monthly fee and still receive the same great benefits and your tax return completed. 

Once you have signed up you will receive a welcome email within 2 working days inviting you to a 15-minute private zoom. You will also be required to sign an agreement and provide ID and address verification. 

**If you have additional income or sections like employed income/property income/dividends/pension to complete on your Self-Assessment there will be an additional charge of £20 per section as a one-off fee - please get in contact if you have any questions.

Clear Bookkeeping Sole Trader Club Membership

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