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Let's Talk Chronic Disease

Let's Talk about the Reality of the World.

Is a lack of sleep ruining your LIFE?

Are you making runs to the bathroom all night, keeping you and your mate awake and making both of you miserable?

Are you making mad dashes to the toilet at the worst possible moments?

Are you always getting that "DULL ACHE" IN YOUR LOWER BACK?


One of the most controversial figures in natural medicine, reveals THE ANSWERS TO ALL YOUR PROSTATE PROBLEMS in his startling new eBook, Prostate Relief Now!

Get Prostate Relief Now!, and let Dr. Rick show you just HOW EASY it is to do:

REVERSE all prostate problems IMMEDIATELY without drugs or surgery AND WITHOUT SPENDING A DIME!

STOP making NIGHT MARCHES to the toilet that are RUINING YOUR HEALTH, and your mates sanity!

STOP living in FEAR of CANCER . . . NOW!



. . .which common medical tests can actually CAUSE and SPREAD cancer.

. . .why you NEVER want to set foot in a hospital!

. . .why watchful waiting is a BAD IDEA!

. . .which 4 minerals can KNOCK THE BIG "C" COLD!

. . .which 2 minerals you should be taking every day

Dr. Santee will share with YOU some of the biggest secrets he used to turn around some of the biggest names in Hollywood.

If you have further questions, just email Mr. Kevin F. Montague at

If you desire a hard copy of the book, I’m about to tell you how you can turn your ebook into a hard copy. It is not hard to do!

First know that those of you who wish for a hard copy of the book, please understand that scholars like me are not wealthy or rich, so I can not afford to offer lithographic hard copies of the book. Such production runs are very expensive to do. If it was not for the internet, there would be no way to get this information into your hands. There is 15 long years alone, behind the writing of this book and more in research years. Besides, hard copy books are on the way out, while On-Demand publishing takes the world market by storm with ebook service. proved that when it first introduced Kindle in 2007. It's all part of our instant gratification world we live in these days; to how it all works.

Production-runs for hard copies are very expensive to make happen, when it comes to lithographic printing. Storage fees are expensive too, while waiting for marketing efforts to make sales happen. Traditional marketing costs are very costly as well. Fortunately, I don't have to pay all those costs, because of this method of electronic distribution delivery. I'd like to think we are in a co-op effort to help each other, when it comes to getting the truth known, heard and untilized. I have to meet the costs it took to do the research and in exchange you get the benefits of my 26 years of research work.

BUT here is a solution how to create your own hard copy and it is easy to do. In every city in the United States these days, you’ll find what are called publishing fulfillment houses. Such places are Kinkos, Staples, or Office Depot. Check Google for your area to find other places under “ma and pa” type stores that do this service also if you live in the United States. You can find a local Kinkos just by typing “kinkos location” in your Google Search engine and it will show you a store location closest to you. Feel free to call them to see if they do book binding. They all should.

The most inexpensive way to print your book is to use your own laser printer or visit a friend who has one and bring your ebook file with you. Once you have all the pages printed, go to the publishing fulfillment house. Kinkos will bind your book in vello bind or spiral bind with a clear cover and a vinyl back cover for about $6 these days. I have a Kinkos nearby and that is what they charged me when I wanted my manuscript bound. A ream of paper only costs about $3 or less and for $9 or less, you can create for yourself a hardcopy you can cuddle up with and read.

I have found a price that I think will work well to get the information into the hands of those of you interested in securing your own copy of THE MASTER'S KEY for your own private reading.

The reason why research like this has not been done before now is because of the billions of dollars spent each year on more frivilous works of science research; versus doing something of this magnitude to bring to the public. If you are a Western Medical doctor reading this, your practice will be greatly enhanced by what you learn in this book. This book is for all healthcare people from different backgrounds, as well as the common person, who desire to know real truth, when it comes to the issue of non-environmental and non-congential chronic disease process. Doctors will learn new ideas and techniques they can add to their practice that are all scientifically sound and provable. The average person will learn how to take control of their own healing, no matter how steep the chronic disease process might be to overcome. This is a science health book full of a lot of scientific facts and new connections. It will teach you how to change your vision when it comes to tackling the problem of non-envionmental and non-congenital disease issues. You are about to learn of the CDS/PD Process when you read THE MASTER'S KEY.

Kevin F. Montague
Author, Scholar, Artisan, Scientist & NDEx2


Copyright - Dr. Rick Santee, ND - 2020

All Rights Reserved globally and throughout the Universe

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