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Knowing Jesus Better Bible Reading Plan

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Knowing Jesus Better

Scripture Writing Challenge

Are you excited about getting to know Jesus better this year?

Maybe life's been a challenge and Scripture Writing these verses will renew your faith as you draw closer to God!

You will read the Scripture selections for each day and then copy one or all of the verses.

Allow these Scriptures to penetrate your heart as you copy them into a notebook!

Maybe the past year has been filled with darkness for you even though you know God is there. Looking ahead to the next month and year, you hope it will be better but you have no idea where God will take you.

These verses are designed to build your faith and confidence in Jesus as He walks before you. It is your job to take each step one by one and place them into His footprints.

I don't know where God is taking you or me in the coming year but I know He holds my hand.

Join me in reading and Scripture Writing out these verses. He will put your heart at ease as your faltering faith is built.

If you have not opened your Bible in a while, no worries, the selections are short enough to get you started again and long enough to sustain you through each day.

God will equip you to walk in courage and strength each day no matter what's happening in your life.

This is exactly what you need as you start your day and learn to live in close dependence on Jesus.

Put your trust firmly in Jesus as you learn to know Him better!

Read the chapter!
Write out a verse or two or more!
Pray about the passage!
Place ALL your anxiety at Jesus' feet!
Allow the Holy Spirit to help you know Jesus better!
Prepare your heart for the day ahead!

Take these verses to the next level through Scripture Writing. This is a powerful experience!

If you'd like, try some Journaling Art! When you make visuals in your Quiet Time, the verse will be internalized into your heart as you renew your mind (Romans 12:2).

You will be amazed at how God will speak to you!.

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