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How To Find A Job In Ghana

A mini Masterclass For Job Seekers In The Diaspora

Job Search Techniques For Securing That Dream Job

I know how difficult it is to navigate your way to finding that dream job in Ghana whilst abroad. I have been on this journey before. I secured a job in Ghana before I relocated back in 2012 using the same strategies I share in this mini masterclass. If you do not have any contacts and do not know who to turn to for help, it can be a huge challenge.

This mini masterclass is designed to give you direct access to key insights, resources, clarity, and secrets you can implement now to begin a successful job search. This short 8-part online course, which you can study at your own pace will equip you with all the tools and knowledge needed to secure that dream job.

You will receive assignments at the end of each lesson and an actionable strategy to follow.

Format: 8-part pre-recorded video content.

You will get access to a private WhatsApp group.

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How To Find A Job In Ghana: A mini Masterclass for Job Seekers In the Diaspora


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