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Easy Money? The Definitive UK Guide to Funding Music Projects (Ebook)

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“A timely and invaluable tool in achieving independence and success”
Horace Trubridge, General Secretary, Musicians’ Union

“Much-needed guide to navigating the tricky geography of the funding landscape”
Alan Davey, CEO, Arts Council England

“Essential reading for the DIY music sector.”
Joe Frankland, CEO, PRS Foundation

“Being an independent artist today inevitably also means being an entrepreneur. In order to thrive and create a sustainable career, I believe a tangible understanding of funding is essential. Remi is an expert in her field of funding and music business consultancy. She sincerely cares about the artists she works with, pushing for their continued success and shining a bright light in an often dark landscape of funding that can feel quite complex and intimidating. Remi is an industry treasure and this book is golden.”

Ayanna Witter-Johnson, Independent Artist / Hill and Gully Records


In 2013, Remi Harris set out to answer the question asked by so many independent musicians and music businesses – “How can I get funding?”.

In this innovative book, she explores the hidden drivers behind the funding problem in the music industry and explains why it’s essential to spend as much effort on understanding and using funding as you do on building relationships within the business.

She sets out what it takes to attract money, the motivations of different funders, your chances of success, and the benefits - and costs - of each of six funding options: grants, friends and family, crowdfunding, sponsorship, debt and investment.

‘Easy Money’ features 8 original case studies of independent artists and businesses who were able to successfully access funding, and is based on more than 40 interviews with people in the funding space: from media lawyers to chartered accountants; investment fund managers to crowdfunding companies and, of course, grant funders including the UK’s national Arts Councils, Creative Scotland, PRS Foundation and more.


About the author: Remi Harris has extensive experience in the British music industry in senior management roles. She is an award-winning trainer and advisor to many artists and organisations specialising in business skills for creatives. She runs a training and consulting business: Remi Harris Consulting.
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