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Pocketguide to Sketchnoting

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Learn how to take notes that are enhanced with a visual vocabulary which can be anything from a meeting, a proposed user interface, a lecture, a disparate collection of thoughts or where to plant something in the garden.

This Pocket Guide is about the use of sketching for taking notes and the clear communication of data and ideas.

Kevin demonstrates how creating sketchnotes can be enjoyable and passes on some great tips on how to get started.

Experienced doodlers will learn how to transform their scribbles to notes worth keeping & sharing, whilst complete beginners will recognise that the ability to draw is not a prerequisite to sketchnoting.

Topics include
What are sketchnotes for?
Sketchnoting is a note that is enhanced with a visual vocabulary – a pretty broad definition thatI think is necessary to do the breadth and usefulness of the sketchnote justice.
Preparing to sketchnote
As you would expect with such a rich medium, there is a huge variety of approaches, techniques, and ideas contained in sketchnotes.
Sketchnoting tools
Do you think that a pen is just a pen? How about that time when someone handed you a pen and you noticed the difference from the one you had (or couldn’t find)?
Develop your skills
Think about the kinds of things you think are useful in other people’s sketchnotes; how they capture the key words and phrases.
What next?
There is a wonderful community of sketchnoters and doodlers keen to share their wisdom and work. Share your work with them and ask questions. A great way to improve your notes and engage is to look at different people’s notes of the same thing. The variety of approaches to the same source material will surprise and delight you.


*While this eBook will be updated in the near future, following the closing down of the publisher 'Five Simple Steps', this is a copy of the ebook as was sold via their website until April 4th 2016, and hence contains references to Five Simple Steps.

You will get a PDF (14MB) file