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English Express Beginner Workbook (Individual Licence)

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Download the preview to get a full demonstration copy of the eBook (PDF 7MB). You can view all 192 pages to help you decide whether or not it's suitable for you. The demonstration copy contains watermarks and you cannot use it for teaching.

If you buy an Individual Licence, and later, your employer buys a Team Licence, you can request a refund. Do this via the 'Enquiries' section of the website (within 12 months of your purchase; your individual licence will no longer be valid after you get a refund). 

Please note that this product is GST exempt. You will be issued with a receipt rather than a tax invoice.

eBook  |  PDF (16MB)  |  192 pages  |  Access to 80+ videos  |  Individual Licence 


The English Express Beginner Workbook is a topic-based workbook for adult learners of English. It is ideal for learners at beginner level. They may already know the letters of the alphabet, say numbers up to 10, sight read a few words, and greet people. But they may not yet be able to interact in everday situations, such as buying a coffee or making a medical appointment.


There are 9 topics in the book: Basic Skills, Going to Class, Around Town, At the Café, House Hunting, At the Market, Appointments, Health and Transport. The topics are not sequential and can be studied in any order. The topics present language in the context of everyday situations and texts. 


Each topic is accompanied by several animated videos, which help the learner develop their listening skills and pronunciation. There are no additional fees for the videos, and they are conveniently hosted online. Links to the videos are provided in the book.


The book is set in an Australian context, using 'dollars', 'kilograms', and Australian conventions for writing the date. However, if you are in a different country, the book may still be very useful to you.

Terms of Use

This is just a summary. Please download the preview to read the full terms of use.

This workbook comes with an individual licence. If you are a teacher, you can only share the lesson content with your own current students for learning purposes. If you are a student, you can only share the lesson content with the person who is currently tutoring you. The cost is one-off and lasts a lifetime. Please read the terms of use before purchasing the workbook. 

As proof of your individual licence, your email address will be stamped in small print at the top of each page of the workbook. However, if you prefer to remove your email address from the PDF, and instead, have your name in the footer, a new copy will be emailed to you within 24 hours. (This process is done during the checkout.)

Once the workbook has been downloaded, no refund can be provided (unless you are upgrading from an Individual to a Team Licence). You can download the preview to assess the suitability of the workbook prior to purchase.

Other licence types

If you are part of a teaching institution, and you want to share the workbook with other teachers, then a team licence may be more appropriate for you. A team licence has a higher cost, but allows the workbook to be shared amongst all staff within one site/branch of the institution.
You will get a PDF (16MB) file