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Tayyib Wellness Grocery Shopping List

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The Tayyib Wellness Grocery Shopping List is a comprehensive food shopping guide for each macronutrient category, including proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and dairy, as well as suggestions for drinks, pantry essentials and more. A few brands I like to use are also included!

It consists of 6 pages of grocery food/ingredient recommendations and healthy snacks that you can print or save on your phone, and take with you on your next shopping trip!

The recommendations are designed to optimise bioavailability and density of nutrients, and digestibility, and are inspired by the work of Dr Raymond Peat, as well as based on my research on enhancing thyroid and hormonal health. 

Achieving hormonal balance, improving energy and digestion, having regular ovulations and menstrual cycles, growing thick, lucious hair and having consistently clear, glowing skin is largely determined by the foods we consume. Choosing the right types of whole foods is the best place to start, and that's where this grocery list can be of great benefit.    

'Nutrition is one of the most important environmental influences on the nature of the organism.' ― Dr Raymond Peat
You will get a PDF (1MB) file