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Identification of Soviet-Russian Aircraft: Basic Field Manual FM 30-34

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Military Intelligence Basic Field Manual FM 30-34, War Department, Washington, D.C., 1941, 112 pages, 36 photos, 36 drawings, 20 three-view silhouette drawings, 4 two-view silhouette drawings, 2 four-view silhouette drawings. First U.S. manual intended to aid officers and men of the U.S. Army in identifying Russian/Soviet aircraft known or believed to be in use at the time of publication. Interesting in what it doesn't show more than for what it does, as so little was known about Soviet/Russian aircraft at the time. Each two-page spread contains what information was known at the time on a particular aircraft believed to be in service with the Soviet forces. Not all have illustrations, and most have only a few bits of data on the aircraft. A Merriam Press Military Archives PDF file. FREE
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