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100 Math Formulas with Examples

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A free sample is here. The sample eBook contains all 100 formulas from the paid eBook, but only 20 of them have the examples. The paid eBook has all 100 examples, one for each formula.

What's special about the paid eBook?
1. Each formula is very simple and has a simple example near it. The example gives a better understanding of the formula.

2. Each formula is on its own page, which makes reading the eBook one page at a time.

3. Understanding 100 formulas can increase your confidence in your ability to understand Math.

4. The eBook is made of 25 Algebra formulas, followed by 25 Calculus formulas, followed by 25 Geometry formulas, followed by 25 Trigonometry formulas. This way, you'll learn formulas from 4 main areas of Math.

5. Each example is made of the question followed by the answer. This way, you can try answering the questions yourself first, to see if your answers match the ones from the eBook.

The eBook can be downloaded as soon as you paid it. It's not encrypted in any way, which means it's readable on any device of yours that has a PDF reader installed. It's also printable if you want to print it on paper.

I'm happy to answer any questions you have about this digital product. Please send your questions at
You will get a PDF (7MB) file
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