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Calm Down the Chatter of Your Mind

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Learn How to Calm Down the Nonstop Chatter of Your Mind!

By Remez Sasson
  • Do you overthink and worry about everything?
  • Are you unable to control the thoughts that enter your mind?
  • Do you tend to inflate every difficulty beyond proportions?
  • Are you constantly bothered by worries or unimportant thoughts that don’t leave you?
  • Do you lack mental calmness?

Discover How to Control Your Mind and Calm It Down

Imagine yourself safe inside your house, while a storm is raging outside. The storm is raging fiercely, with strong winds, rain, thunder and lightning, but your house protects you from all of them.

No matter what is happening outside, you feel safe, because your house can withstand any storm.

A calm mind is like this house, it shelters and protects you from impatience, constant worries, anxieties, restlessness and stress, and this is the aim of this book.

What You Will Find in This Book

  • You will learn to calm down the endless chatter of your mind.
  • Discover how to stop overthinking.
  • Stop allowing unhappy, fearful and distressing thoughts to enter your mind.
  • Discover how to close the doors and windows of your mind to the thoughts that you do not want.
  • Train your concentration and focus, so you can gain control over your thoughts.
  • Learn various meditation techniques that calm the mind and prevent unnecessary and futile thoughts from occupying your attention.
  • And more...
You will get a PDF (798KB) file

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