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Murder in the Vineyard

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Life in Provence was just settling down for American ex-pat Maggie Newberry when a dead body shows up in her vineyard…with a knife in its back. Curious to learn about who the victim is, Maggie’s motivation skyrockets when her husband Laurent is arrested for the murder.

With the evidence piling up against Laurent by the day, and witness after witness coming forward to swear he is the killer, can Maggie find the real murderer and will she find the cabal behind the campaign to send Laurent to prison for life? And can she do it before her life and those of her dear ones come crashing down around her?

Murder in the Vineyard is a cozy mystery set in the south of France with all the tastes, sounds, and fragrances of la belle France. It has no graphic violence or sex and includes at least one adorable dog or cat.

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